Sci-Tek's four principal areas of expertise combine synergistically to offer clients a single source for answers that create a better world for all.

Urban Renewal


Sci-Tek's staff includes civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineers, as well as Urban Planners and Landscape Architects.

Sci-Tek offers expert civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering and consulting services for urban planning, renewal and development projects.

Land Use Assessment and Site Design

Sci-Tek personnel has provided land use assessment and site design for numerous Urban Renewal projects.  Our support services include utility assessments, site design, and storm water management plan design.  Example projects include:

City of Pittsburgh SMART TRID Corridor Study:  Sci-Tek assessed the environmental conditions for the South Metro Area Revitalization through Transit (SMART) planning study of a Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID) to support transit oriented development along Port Authority's light rail line in Allentown, Beltzhoover, Mt. Washington, and Beechview, Pennsylvania,  Sci-Tek determined the impact of future development on infrastructure, such as water and sewer systems.  In addition, Sci-Tek reviewed historic and cultural resources, adverse geological conditions, petroleum farms, brownfield sites, and other development limiting factors.  The goal of the study was to assist the City in identifying future improvements to the transit systems to allow for better management of capacity increases.

Strip District Transportation and Land Use Plan:  Sci-Tek is serving as a subconsultant to support the land-use planning and multimodal transportation system planning and development production associated with the Strip District Transportation and Land Use Plan. The Plan is being facilitated by the City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning in its efforts to redevelop the Strip District section of the City.  Sci-Tek's scope of work includes data collection as well as review, analysis, and development of best practices for universal roadway design ADA compliance.

Environmental Assessments

The Sci-Tek environmental team has provided numerous assessment services for local redevelopment authorities and government agencies.  Example projects include:

ARTEZ Communities Brownfield Assessment Grant Services:  Sci-Tek provided asbestos and hazardous materials surveys and reviewed development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) and Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAP).  Sites evaluated included the former Henry Miller Springs Manufacturing, K. Walters Auto Body, Yeager Texaco Station, St. Mary's School and Rectory, P&LE railroad site, and the New Kensington Civic Theater.  The project was associated with two EPA Community-wide Brownfield Assessment Grants (Petroleum and Hazardous Substances) awarded to the Riverside Center for Innovation.  The purpose of the assessments was to identify materials which could impact planned renovations of the facilities. 

Environmental Site Assessment for the Bedford Dwellings Project:  Sci-Tek provided environmental site assessment services for the Bedford Dwellings Project.  This project consisted of the demolition of approximately 100 homes as part of a neighborhood revitalization project in the Hill District community in Pittsburgh, PA.  The scope of work included a Phase I Environmental Assessment (ESA), asbestos and lead based paint surveys, air monitoring and project supervision during asbestos abatement, and an underground storage tank removal with associated remediation.

Geotechnical Engineering

Sci-Tek's geotechnical capabilities include desktop analysis and subsurface investigations involving test borings, and soil and rock sampling to support structure site selection and foundation design.  An example project includes the following:

62nd Street Industrial Park:  Sci-Tek provided a Utility Survey and Geotechnical Investigation associated with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of the Pittsburgh's plan to develop and reuse an industrial park site in Pittsburgh, PA.  Sci-Tek drilled test borings to various depths in order to assess the existing retaining walls and the stability of proposed slopes at the site.  A groundwater monitoring well was also installed in the area of the test borings for environmental sampling purposes.  Sci-Tek then prepared a report which contained conclusions and recommendations based on the data obtained.  these investigations helped to determine the condition and suitability of the area to serve potential development, particularly for site access roadways and subsurface utility corridors.



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