"Engineering is a great profession... it elevates the standard of living
and adds to the comforts of life." – Herbert Hoover


“As a member of our project team, Sci-Tek has provided valuable inspection services for Jeff Zell Consultants and our client.”

Jim Weaver
Manager, Business Development
Jeff Zell Consultants, Inc.


Sci-Tek offers a broad range of civil engineering capabilities dealing with the planning, construction and maintenance of our nation’s infrastructure, fixed structures, and public works as they relate to earth, water, or civilization.  Areas of expertise include the natural environment, water quality, bridges, highways, and structures.  Our professionals provide the best solutions for our clients most challenging problems.

Sci-Tek Site Civil Design and Municipal Engineering capabilities are associated with civil engineering applications for buildings, structures, and municipal infrastructure in urban and rural environments, inclusive of:

  • design of streets, sidewalks, ramps, retaining walls, parking lots, potable water, sewers, street lighting, utilities, and public parks
  • preparation of existing conditions, demolition, grading, drainage, erosion and sedimentation pollution control and site civil plans and specifications
  • integrated stormwater management and green infrastructure design
  • construction management services and inspection, and
  • sanitary sewer flow monitoring and dye testing.

Our Design Engineering and Water Resources Planning capabilities include:

  • design of pipelines (water, sewer, natural gas), dams, canals, mechanical and process equipment, pump stations, water treatment plants and small civil structures,
  • hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and analysis,
  • facilities planning and cost estimating,
  • green infrastructure planning and design, and
  • stormwater management, flood control planning, and floodplain studies.

Transportation and Aviation Engineering capabilities include:

  • roadway and taxiway design,
  • hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, scour  analysis, and reports,
  • E&S plans and permits,
  • utility corridor design, utility surveys and clearances, and
  • categorical exclusion evaluations, environmental assessments, and environmental impact statements

Representative Projects:

  • Re-Development Master Planning Framework for South Park Fairgrounds, Allegheny County, PA
    Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc. (Sci-Tek) was retained as a sub consultant  to perform an existing conditions survey of utility services at the Allegheny County South Park Fairgrounds (The Fairgrounds).  Sci-Tek's scope of work consisted of an existing conditions survey of utility services located within the Fairgrounds and the  preparation of a base map to serve as the basis for planning activities, including data collection, analysis, conceptual plans, and final recommendations.  In addition, Sci-Tek prepared a summary report which documented infrastructure related opportunities and constraints to redevelop the Fairgrounds.

  • Wet weather engineering and planning for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
    ALCOSAN (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority), as part of its plan to reduce the effects of rain and groundwater infiltration into its wastewater sewers, engaged Sci-Tek to assist with planning, perform quality reviews of monitored wastewater flow data, project and assess future conditions in the watersheds, and perform various modeling services. Sci-Tek personnel also assisted in the sewershed delineation of 400+ countywide connections to the ALCOSAN system. This information was used to populate a model, which identifies system loading, collection inefficiencies, and projects system needs and improvements.