"We won't have a society if we destroy the environment."
– Margaret Mead


“The quality of services that Sci-Tek has provided to our operations is actually superior; it's outstanding.”

Mike Jenca
Construction Representative,
US General Services Administration


Sci-Tek works with clients from permitting through initial and ongoing compliance to help assure that facilities meet regulations stipulated by governments at all levels, and their agencies. The results: greater assurance that facilities will operate continuously, without interruptions caused by non-compliance.  Permitting and Compliance capabilities include:

  • Air quality, water quality, hazardous and non-hazardous waste permits, reports and  compliance documentation,
  • Environmental compliance audits and environmental management programs, and
  • Spill prevention and emergency response plans.

Whether the site is a brownfield or undeveloped land, Sci-Tek’s expertise and experience in environmental site assessments helps our clients eliminate the uncertainties that can lead to unexpected development project costs.  Sci-Tek has the capability to use the assessment information to develop and execute remediation strategies that protect the environment, meet client needs, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Sci-Tek has licensed professionals and field equipment that can travel to the job site as necessary.  Environmental Site Assessment services include:

  • Phase I & II site assessments,
  • Characterization  and remediation of environmental contamination,
  • Asbestos, mold, and lead paint surveys, abatement design, technical specifications, and air monitoring,
  • Remediation plans and specifications, and
  • Environmental studies and NEPA environmental assessments documentation (CEE/EA/EIS).

Representative Projects:

  • Assessment and remediation support for the Pittsburgh Board of Education, PA
    The Pittsburgh Board of Education planned to build a new school on a site that had been contaminated by the former occupants: plating and auto-body shops. Sci-Tek scientists collected soil borings, sampled the groundwater, supervised chemical analyses of soil and water, and reported results, including recommendations for remediation. The contaminated materials were removed, the site obtained an environmental clearance from the state, and the school was built as planned.

  • Initial and subsequent AHERA investigations for the Veterans Administration
    Site surveys, reviews of O&M procedures and costs, IAQ analyses were included in Sci-Tek's contract with the Veterans Administration for initial and follow-on AHERA investigations of 43 health-care and support buildings on a site in Butler, PA. Though some of the assessments were conducted in occupied rooms, the work did not impact daily operations of the facilities. All samples were analyzed by certified laboratories.  In addition, random results were submitted for data validation. Sci-Tek then wrote technical specifications and helped compile bid packages for abatement.

  • NEPA assessments at Pittsburgh International Airport
    The terminal at the former Pittsburgh International Airport needed to be cleared by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act before it could be used for other purposes. Sci-Tek provided the Environmental Assessment for conversion of the building to a business park, coordinating the work closely with several government entities, including the Allegheny County Department of Aviation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the State Historical Preservation Office, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.