"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create
that which has never been." – Albert Einstein


“The ACAA has been very satisfied with the work done by Sci-Tek.”

Kevin Gurchak
Manager of Environmental Compliance
Allegheny County Airport Authority


Although hidden, what’s under a site is crucial to the design and construction of the structure placed on it. Sci-Tek’s expertise encompasses structures and the many infrastructure systems that support our lives.   Sci-Tek’s value added approach can lead to answers that may evade others.

In the early phases of planning and design of any new construction project there should be a clear understanding of the subsurface characteristics of the proposed site. Working closely with owners and architects Sci-Tek engineers provide expert geotechnical services which include:

  • Subsurface Investigations – for determining soil and rock properties for engineering and construction applications.
  • Geotechnical Analysis - for slope stability (landslides), settlement, acid mine drainage, and deep mine subsidence.
  • Geotechnical Design – of retaining walls, foundations, tunnels, and earthworks.
  • Construction Materials Testing services during site preparation, fill embankment construction, and foundation construction to facilitate work in accordance with geotechnical recommendations.  Field and laboratory testing for soil and concrete are provided inclusive of:
    • nuclear density testing,
    • test boring inspection,
    • concrete sampling,
    • slump and air entrainment testing, and
    • compression test cylinder curing and testing

Representative Projects:

  • Construction Materials Testing
    Sci-Tek provided geotechnical engineering and soil and construction materials testing services for two design-build compressor station projects in southwestern PA.  The soil and concrete quality control testing services performed during construction included moisture content, USCS soil classification, soil direct shear, consolidation, and rock unconfined compression and point load testing. All tests were performed in accordance with ASTM specifications and standards. Click here for more info.

  • Expert witness and related services for a large school district
    A large school district in PA retained Sci-Tek for expert witness and related services. Sci-Tek engineers are studying the facilitys history of use, surveying the site for normal and abnormal conditions, reviewing technical documents, and investigating subsurface conditions. The engineers will present their findings in municipal courts.

  • Site screening of the Chartiers Creek Basin for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
    ALCOSAN engaged Sci-Tek for site screening of the Chartiers Creek Basin to support cost estimates for remediation of certain subsurface conditions such as landfills and mine subsidence, and for grading and construction of foundations.

  • Foundation design to eliminate mine gas infiltration into a residential structure for the US Department of Energy
    Mine gas was infiltrating through the foundation of a residential building rendering the building unsuitable for its intended use. Sci Tek engineers surveyed the building, designed new foundation supports and a passive mine gas barrier system, then provided the specifications and drawings needed for remediation.